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About Blanco County

Blanco County, Texas is one of the counties within the Texas Hill Country on the eastern edge of the region known as the Edwards Plateau.

In general, the county, which encompasses an area of some 460,000 acres, can be described as gently rolling hills beset with canyon hideaways and quiet river valleys. Elevations range from 750 to 1800 feet above sea level.

The county is bisected by two river drainages, the Pedernales, to the north, along which resides the community of Johnson City, and the Blanco River to the south which supports the city of same name. Blanco County has hot summers and mild winters. The average annual rainfall is approximately thirty-four inches. The county has a predominantly agricultural based economy derived mostly from cattle, sheep, and goat ranching and hunting leases. From the business end comes tourist and ranch marketing income. The estimated population of Blanco County is now at 9,110 and still growing.